Maximize uptime and control costs

Keep your fleet moving with a comprehensive Penske maintenance program

Optimizing Uptime and Asset Value

Don't let a down truck stop your business. Keep your fleet moving with a comprehensive Penske maintenance program. Our rigorous service, powerful systems and quality assurance controls your costs and protects the value of the vehicle through its lifetime. More importantly, we offer tools which provide you with visibility to critical activities and metrics.

Serving your customers is your business; servicing fleets is ours. We ensure our technicians and facilities utilize the latest technologies. We invest in the tools and training programs necessary to maintain an exceptional fleet. Benefit from our expertise and gain a company dedicated to your success.

Penske Service. Penske Quality.

We maintain trucks in facilities equipped with the latest technology and staffed by committed service technicians. Our services address some of your top concerns:


Special Offers

Penske has Special Offers on Volvo, International and Hino vehicles.


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    Penske works to help thousands of businesses across North America with truck fleets small and large.

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