Lease Trucks

A smart alternative for your business.

Leasing from PenskeWestern Star truckFreightliner truck

Leasing is a smart alternative for organisations looking to control and reduce their fleet costs. The Penske full-service lease leverages our expertise in each phase of a vehicle’s life-cycle: acquisition, funding, maintenance/operation, and even disposal.

A Penske full-service lease provides the following features and benefits:

  • Alternative funding — avoids bank restrictions and preserves your other lines of credit
  • Off balance sheet financing — improves key financial ratios
  • Closed end structure — eliminates your residual risk
  • Fixed monthly payments — improves your cash flow
  • Preventive maintenance and repair — minimises your maintenance dollar exposure
  • 24/7 emergency roadside assistance — increases your uptime
  • Onboard telematics — maximise fuel economy and monitor driver performance

For more details, download our leasing information page.