Fuel Management

Develop a comprehensive strategy to improve fuel efficiency with Penske

Fuel Cost is More Than Just the Price at the Pump

At Penske, we're committed to helping our lease customers manage one of their biggest expenses—fuel. Our approach to fuel management saves on fuel costs regardless of pump price.

Penske's 7 Strategies for Better Fuel Management

To help manage fuel costs and promote fuel efficiency, our specialists:

  1. Select and spec the right truck
  2. Set the right engine speed control
  3. Perform proper, on-time maintenance
  4. Train drivers with fuel-saving techniques
  5. Measure equipment and driver performance
  6. Source quality, low-cost fuel
  7. Know when to replace a vehicle

Save Time and Money with 4Refuel Onsite Diesel Delivery

4Refuel Truck

4Refuel is the leader in mobile onsite refuelling, delivering fuel 24/7 directly to your vehicles during downtime or when vehicles are parked. Plus, 4Refuel’s exclusive Fuel Management Online® helps you measure and manage every drop of fuel. See how much time and money your business can save at 4refuel.com.

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