Lease vs. Own

Either way, Penske can help

Deciding Between Leasing and Ownership

Penske can help evaluate the costs and benefits of leasing and owning with our Comparative Value Analysis (CVA). Our CVA reviews transportation expenses to uncover savings, while providing a benchmark to compare your operation to the industry standard. This allows you to determine what is best for you.

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Financial Benefits of Leasing

More private fleets are leaning toward leasing not just for the convenience and reliability, but because it makes good business sense too. Leasing rather than buying frees capital for other investments, and Penske leasing services save you time so you can give your business the attention it requires.

  • Lower, locked-in monthly payments
  • Lower service and administrative costs
  • Freed capital and credit lines
  • Fleet size flexibility and discounted rentals as needed
  • Buying power and service discounts
  • No residual risk at end of lease

Services Available with a Penske Lease

  • Expert specification for greatest fuel efficiency
  • Great preventive maintenance and expert repairs with OEM parts
  • Easier reporting and analysis for fleet productivity
  • Safety and compliance services with less paperwork

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