Lease and Maintenance

Keep your business moving with full-service lease and contract maintenance programs

Optimizing Your Business, Not Just Your Fleet

While your business may not revolve around your trucks, it does rely on trucks for on-time delivery of products at the most efficient cost. To do that, you need fleet performance visibility, cost management and maximum uptime.

We offer full-service lease and contract maintenance solutions to manage your transportation needs, no matter what equipment is in your fleet:

  • Over-the-road tractors, straight trucks, light duty vans and trailers
  • Utility vehicles from bucket trucks to digger derricks
  • Public transit, Para transit and shuttle-buses

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Nationwide Network, Local Management

Penske has hundreds of facilities nationwide for convenient, comprehensive service no matter where you are. Our facilities are managed locally, so we know your needs and we know your community. We offer professionalism, scale, flexibility and responsiveness to your unique needs that few can match.

Full-Service Lease

Our full-service lease helps you:

  • Control costs by providing predictable monthly budgets
  • Free up capital for use in your core business
  • Spec the right vehicle for efficient operations
  • Maintain high customer service standards through rigorous preventive maintenance

Contract Maintenance

Own your own fleet? Maximize its efficiency through a Penske contract maintenance solution. We provide all the maintenance and fleet management services of our full-service lease product, so your fleet will meet the same, exacting standard as our own.

Our contract maintenance solution helps you:

  • Gain visibility of performance and costs
  • Optimize vehicle life cycle by tracking and assessing maintenance
  • Maximize vehicle uptime for improved on-time deliveries

A Powerful Partner

Whether you need full-service leasing or contract maintenance programs, you have access to the full fleet services offered by Penske. For more information, browse through our site or contact us for customized solutions.

Understanding Alternative Fuels

With ever-increasing diesel fuel costs, many companies today are evaluating the impact for switching all or part of their fleets to alternative fuels. Biodiesel, ethanol, propane, and natural gas vehicles are being considered, with natural gas emerging as a viable alternative to diesel fuel within the transportation industry. Penske has resources to help you understand what alternative fuels are and why we should be using them. Read more about alternative fuels.