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Telematics Integration

Unlock the power of connection

Penske's deep experience and industry-leading perspective can help you choose the right transportation technology or get more value from the tools you already use.

Our Unique Approach

We work with multiple telematics service providers, not just one or two, so you can connect your vehicle telematics data to Penske. This service is offered at no additional charge from Penske. We use the data to keep vehicles healthy and streamline functions. Whether you have one truck or hundreds of trucks, this integration can save you time and money. For instance, the information is used to expedite roadside assistance, enhance preventive maintenance schedules, provide accurate data for fuel tax reporting and streamline the request for repair of defects found during driver vehicle inspections.

Expedite Roadside Assistance

With remote diagnostics , your telematics data equips the Penske 24/7 Roadside Assistance team with the real-time data they need to immediately diagnose issues. They can see where your vehicle is located and identify potential issues, which means we send the service provider with the right tools to get your drivers back on the road faster — protecting your vehicles, drivers and cargo.

Get Ahead of Problems

By sharing your telematics data with us, you’ll also receive email alerts about potential issues. We don’t inundate you with alerts; instead, we only notify you when we identify a scenario that could lead to a breakdown. We’ll work with you to proactively schedule your vehicle for service around your schedule. This program helps you reduce costs in the long run by avoiding downtime and increasing vehicle availability.

Make Fuel Tax Reporting Easy

Our International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) integration makes complying with IFTA easier by automatically transmitting the necessary data from your telematics device to Penske.

We understand complying with IFTA can be labor intensive in terms of gathering all the required data. With this integration, the mileage and trip report data is automatically pulled from your telematics device on the Penske vehicle and transmitted to Penske. As a result, there’s no more paperwork or administrative nightmares.

Streamline Repairs Found During Inspections

Our electronic driver vehicle inspection report (eDVIR) integration streamlines the request for repairs, based on defects found during inspections. Requests for service for eDVIR defects are sent automatically from your telematics system to Penske’s maintenance system. As defects are resolved, the resolution status is communicated back to your telematics system with detailed mechanic notes. Information such as repair shop location, repair notes and contact details are made available. You benefit from faster issue identification and resolution and less paperwork, all while saving you and your drivers time and keeping you compliant.

Providing Better Service

Our telematics integrations provide you with better service, reduce administrative work and increase your uptime.