Fuel and Distance Reporting Services

Streamline your fuel and distance reporting with Penske

Qualified commercial vehicles are required to track and report fuel purchases and distance traveled in each U.S. state or Canadian province on a weekly or monthly basis to comply with the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA), the International Registration Plan (IRP) and the State Weight Distance Tax. Further, fuel use taxes are calculated using both fuel and distance reporting.

To make fuel and distance reporting easier, Penske has several options available including electronic submission.

Fuel Reporting Submission Methods

Distance Reporting Submission Methods

  • Onboard Computer
    Distance and location data can transmit electronically to Penske for compatible devices/providers. Non-compatible devices/providers can submit via an approved Excel download by email.
  • Paper Driver Trip Reports
    Drivers can mail or email Paper Driver Trip Report forms to Penske.

Keep Your Reporting On Track

All Penske full-service lease and contract maintenance customers can view their current fuel and distance compliance status anytime in Fleet Insight™ . View the metrics dynamically at the fleet or unit level.

Rely on a Trusted Partner

For more information on how Penske can help you navigate fuel and distance compliance requirements and select the submission method best suited to your needs, please complete the form below or call Penske Fleet Services at 800-526-0664.

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