Saving You Time, Giving You Visibility, and Providing Complete Control

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Easily Manage All Your Fleet Operations is Penske's proprietary online tool that's designed to make your job easier. With just one click, you can get accurate information and reports on your fleet, whenever you want it.

In addition to getting 24/7 online access to all your information – including preventive maintenance (PM) appointments, invoices, fuel locations, and more – MyFleet helps you manage your fleet more effectively, and gives you single-source information on all aspects of your fleet, along with industry news, announcements, safety and compliance updates, and webinars. We simply take all the information that's important to you and put it all in one place, putting YOU in control.

View information about your trucks in detail at any time. You can see in-depth information on unit and contract details, including VIN, license, last PM date and more. And all information is easily downloadable into a spreadsheet.

MyFleet at a Glance

Manage Scheduling

  • View calendars of your upcoming PM appointments
  • Easily reschedule appointments or make repair requests as needed
  • Request PM notifications through email

Repair Notifications

  • View all completed/scheduled repairs through MyFleet
  • Enter purchase orders online for completed work or to approve future repairs
  • Option to receive alerts when repair work is done, and prior to billing  

Detailed Reporting

  • Get detailed information on fleet operations data and costs, including
    trending graphs
  • Download reports into a spreadsheet or other formats for easy analysis

24/7 Roadside Assistance

  • Get real time notifications of road calls via text or email
  • View active roadside assistance calls online with up-to-the-minute status
  • Get a history of all your roadside assistance calls so you can look for trends in the data


  • View your invoices, ask questions, review, manage and approve invoices with an internal workflow
  • Download and print copies for easy analysis
  • Request optional alerts via email when new invoices are ready

Fuel Planning

  • Find and plan Penske and Comdata fuel stops along any route
  • Routes include miscellaneous fuel stops and locations that accept the Penske fuel card
  • Provides contact information, directions and more

Safety and Compliance

  • These tools help to keep your drivers safe and your fleet in compliance
  • Research upcoming Penske-hosted safety events
  • Download free safety bulletins

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Every Wednesday at 11 a.m. EST, Penske's MyFleet specialists host a webinar highlighting the functionality of MyFleet. Deadline to register is 3 p.m. the Tuesday before the webinar. After registering, you will receive an invitation to the next webinar.