Accident Management Services

Control costs, save time and reduce stress

Less Stress with Claims InSite

When accidents happen, you need more than just a repair. You need someone to help reduce paperwork, keep accurate records and provide expert support. Claims InSite frees up your time, improves productivity and lowers repair costs.

Penske has partnered with CEI to offer accident management services above and beyond our core offering. CEI can facilitate the truck repair and insurance process, all at the Penske preferred rate. For a nominal fee, you can reduce repair cycle time, control costs and generate time-saving, detailed reports for internal and insurance purposes. With Penske and CEI, you get access to:

  • 24/7 toll-free, U.S.-based call centers to access multilingual roadside assistance for drivers and begin the accident claims process
  • Towing and appraisal services
  • Easy vehicle substitution with Penske truck rentals
  • Ability to set cost authorization thresholds and receive emails when any approve, deny or hold decisions exceed them
  • Regular progress updates plus detailed closeout reports
  • Commercial vehicle repair specialists who audit and monitor all estimates and repairs
  • Committed subrogation specialists who pursue every loss-recovery opportunity

Anytime access to every claim detail through the Claims InSite web site provides you with:

  • Follow-up reminders to keep your repair cycle moving
  • Web access to relevant data, including accident reports and photos, repair estimates, insurance claim status and more
  • Ability to create customized incident reports, including incidents by driver, time of day, and accident-type