Control Your Costs

Lower lifetime costs per vehicle with Penske

Spend Less, Deliver More

Running a private fleet can be costly. However, outsourcing with Penske lowers your total costs to operate your vehicle over the vehicle’s lifetime.  Whether you choose full-service leasing or only need to cover your maintenance requirements, outsourcing with Penske will: 

  • Maximize fleet uptime through comprehensive preventive maintenance and late model year leased vehicles
  • Increase predictability in ongoing monthly and variable fleet costs
  • Assure fleet reliability through high service uptime and access to rental vehicles when needed

And that’s just the beginning of the benefits. Our customers enjoy:

  • Regular preventive maintenance at no extra charge
  • Nearby service locations or on-site maintenance services
  • Quick access to rentals during busy seasons
  • Reduced administrative burden

It all adds up to happier drivers, better on-time delivery, and more satisfied customers.   

How we do it

Penske’s unique size and scope mean we can do more for less.  Penske has:

  • Bulk purchasing power to source the best parts at the best prices
  • A nationwide network of service locations attracting the best technicians and providing wide service coverage
  • Sizable, ongoing investment in the latest technology for our shops
  • Resources to offer you the finest online customer tools to manage your vehicles
  • A dedicated, well-trained service staff at your disposal

Experience our strengths

Whether you choose full-service leasing or only need to outsource your maintenance requirements, we’ll help.  Learn more about: