Fuel Management

Take the guesswork out of filling up

Fuel cost is one of the biggest things on a fleet manager's plate. It's often up to the driver to find gas stations on their own and take the time to record their expenditures as they go. All of these variables are introduced at every fuel-up, meaning pricing can fluctuate wildly and fleet managers are left without a way to predict just how much a trip will cost in fuel and time, both on the road and off the route.

Penske Truck Leasing is committed to delivering what you need to manage your fuel costs. We know it's important to look at more than just the price at the pump to optimize every aspect of fuel expense. That's why we have developed an effective fuel management strategy to share with all of our customers. We want you and your drivers to get the most out of every tank.

We follow these seven proven methods for an effective fuel management strategy:

  1. Spec the right truck for the job
  2. Spec the right engine and drivetrain
  3. Train drivers in fuel efficiency
  4. Ensure proper, on-time maintenance
  5. Measure vehicle and driver performance
  6. Source cost-efficient, high-quality fuel
  7. Know when to replace a vehicle

Share in our robust fuel-management strategy powered by:

  • EPA SmartWay Partnership
  • EPA Toolkit
  • Fleet Insight™, loaded with optimized fuel routes to more than 2,000 fueling locations
  • Alternative fueling options

Leasing Benefits


Penske keeps you abreast of all federal, state and local regulations, and our processes and training help educate drivers on proper safety and compliance practices.

Efficient Operations

Penske Truck Leasing constantly reinvests in its facilities, tools, diagnostics and employees to be a trusted partner for your transportation needs.

Manage Cost

Learn how outsourcing with Penske lowers the total costs to operate your vehicle over the vehicle's lifetime.

Reduce Risk

Learn the ways leasing can help operators minimize transportation-related risks so they can focus on their core competencies.

Lease Vs. Own

Trust Penske to help you evaluate the merits of leasing and estimate its costs vs. owning.

Fuel Management

Penske's fuel management strategies can help you get the most from your fuel dollars.

Choose the Right Trucks

Penske experts will ensure you get the right vehicle for the job – one that works with your budget and is sized for what you're hauling.

Branded Vehicles

To maintain your image and increase brand awareness, we offer custom painting, decals, graphics and lettering so your vehicle matches the rest of your fleet.