Penske keeps you safe and compliant

Penske keeps you abreast of all federal, state and local regulations, and our processes and training help educate drivers on proper safety and compliance practices.

Knowledgeable Support

Operating even one commercial vehicle means you are subject to fuel tax, government and environmental regulations, and DOT driver compliance rules. This complicates administrative duties and may have you asking:

  • Which laws affect my business?
  • Is my fleet fully compliant?
  • Are my shops handling storage, disposal and spill recovery properly?
  • Do I have the paperwork and records required to protect my business?

Penske helps you stay on top of all federal, state and local regulations, so your fleet stays compliant and you stay in good standing.

Compliance, Safety and Accountability (CSA) Regulations

One way to ensure your vehicles are compliant is with Penske services. With our fleet compliance support, you won't need to worry about:

  • Regulatory compliance – We offer training to drivers and management, and all our shops are fully compliant.
  • State and federal tax payments – We file state and federal taxes, as well as local property and heavy vehicle use tax.
  • Licensing and registration – We handle all state and federal licensing and permitting.
  • Maintenance and documentation – Our preventive maintenance process exceeds DOT standards to ensure vehicles are in compliance with all vehicle safety inspection requirements and that the right documentation is complete.
  • Risk mitigation and administration – All Penske maintenance facilities are compliant and technicians are fully trained in proper storage, disposal and spill recovery methods.

Online Documentation Support

  • An outline of federal, state and provincial motor carrier safety regulations
  • Downloadable legally-required interstate/intrastate commerce forms and documents
  • Guides to completing frequently used government forms
  • Links to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) registration process
  • Safety and compliance handbooks and manuals
  • Instructional webinars for management and drivers
  • Online simulated DOT educational compliance reviews

Audit Support

Audits are no fun, but they are a fact of life. You need a partner that can provide risk mitigation and administrative support. You can depend on Penske's fleet compliance experts to simplify the process and provide expert assistance. In fact, our tax audit department handles more than 100 state audits per year.

Driver Compliance

Drivers in violation of established Compliance, Safety and Accountability (CSA) regulations can be removed from the road immediately, costing you time and money. Don't let safety issues and the process of maintaining driver qualification records cost you your business. Penske fleet services ease the burden of driver compliance, reduce your risks and shield you from expensive penalties.

With a Penske full-service lease, you'll have access to support through:

  • Driver safety bulletins and training webinars
  • Early notification of expiring driver documents
  • DOT audit support services
  • Hours of service, safety and substance abuse programs
  • Discounted J. J. Keller driver compliance solutions

Environmental Compliance

We proudly support and participate in the EPA's SmartWay Transport partnership, promoting environmental best practices. As a responsible corporate citizen, Penske is committed to managing our environmental impacts everywhere we do business. Our team of environmental professionals has developed innovative and efficient ways to ensure resources are provided for over 900 field locations to prevent or reduce environmental impacts, protect our associates and achieve 100 percent compliance with local, state and federal environmental regulations.

Storage, Disposal, Spill Recovery – Penske provides all of our operations with the knowledge and tools to ensure regulatory compliance and proper management of waste streams and used material disposal. Routine training, both online and through the classroom, is provided to ensure proper storage and disposal. In the unlikely event of a spill, our team has the training and resources necessary to report, contain and perform spill recovery.

We audit our operations and processes routinely, using both internal and external resources to ensure we maintain the highest level of compliance and protection for the environment.

Leasing Benefits


Penske keeps you abreast of all federal, state and local regulations, and our processes and training help educate drivers on proper safety and compliance practices.

Efficient Operations

Penske Truck Leasing constantly reinvests in its facilities, tools, diagnostics and employees to be a trusted partner for your transportation needs.

Manage Cost

Learn how outsourcing with Penske lowers the total costs to operate your vehicle over the vehicle's lifetime.

Reduce Risk

Learn the ways leasing can help operators minimize transportation-related risks so they can focus on their core competencies.

Lease Vs. Own

Trust Penske to help you evaluate the merits of leasing and estimate its costs vs. owning.

Fuel Management

Penske's fuel management strategies can help you get the most from your fuel dollars.

Choose the Right Trucks

Penske experts will ensure you get the right vehicle for the job – one that works with your budget and is sized for what you're hauling.

Branded Vehicles

To maintain your image and increase brand awareness, we offer custom painting, decals, graphics and lettering so your vehicle matches the rest of your fleet.