Leverage the flexibility that financing can give your business

85% of all companies lease equipment. Source: NPTC Benchmarking Survey

Financial Benefits of Leasing

Many companies enjoy the benefits that leasing can provide – they lease full facilities, office equipment, cars, even labor. This frees up capital so it can be used and invested in other core business areas.

Full-service leasing with Penske is a cost-effective solution to fleet management. It provides a lower upfront capital investment and consistent monthly payments. In addition to having a reliable, well-maintained fleet, our customers enjoy the credit flexibility that our long-term lease provides. When you consider the cost of leasing a truck, consider the benefits of full-service leasing with Penske:

  • No down payment
  • Single monthly lease payment includes maintenance and upkeep costs
  • Bank credit conserved for other uses
  • No residual risk at the end of the lease because Penske handles vehicle disposal
  • Funds available for investment in other appreciating and revenue-producing assets
  • Fixed monthly payment enables accurate budgeting and forecasting