The Real Question Is: How Do You Best Meet Customer Demands?

Our breadth of services helps optimize your fleet performance.

Improve Your Business by Having Penske Help You Operate Your Fleet

Delivering to customers, managing short timelines, combatting competitive pressures, responding to changes in the economy - staying on top of your business can be a lot to manage. Trust a reliable, experienced partner to manage your fleet as your business changes so you can focus on your customers.

Local, small businesses with 1-2 trucks to large multinationals with fleets of hundreds have come to rely on Penske's tailored service and expertise to manage their unique trucking needs since 1969. We operate more than 200,000 vehicles and serve customers from more than 700 locations.

Your Success is Our Success

Penske understands that your customers evaluate you on how well and reliably you deliver your services to them. Since reliable, well-running vehicles are vital to your ability to deliver, ensuring your fleet's reliability and availability is vital to ours. Penske prides itself on understanding what your fleet needs to support your specific business.

The Breadth of Our Services

Beyond simply filling trucking needs, Penske's scale and local presence ensures all our customers have comprehensive management of all their fleet needs, including:

  • Maintenance - not only is Penske renown for offering comprehensive maintenance programs, best-in-industry facilities, and highly trained technicians, but also high quality, competitive collision repair and refurbishment.
  • Fuel management - our fuel management approach addresses the seven strategies for effective fuel management.
  • Government compliance - whether you have one commercial vehicle or 100, government and DOT regulations apply to you. Penske manages many of these regulations for you.
  • Roadside assistance - miles away or around the corner, Penske's service network will get you back on the road - often within 2 hours.
  • Safety - free of charge, safety directors work directly with customers on safety issues and CSA compliance.
  • Vehicles - we support a wide range of vehicle types, specifications, and customization.
  • Driver training - programs the help your drivers to perform at peak safety and productivity are available through us.
  • Tracking Performance - our customers have online access to accurate information about their accounts and fleets, as well as onboard technology options.
  • Control your costs - discover how outsourcing with Penske lowers your total costs to operate your vehicles over their lifetimes.
  • Rental Support - access to additional trucks to meet seasonal growth or unexpected situations at preferred rates is guaranteed.
  • Environment - our practices help us and our customers to reduce our impact on the environment.