Pensle tractor trailer crossing suspension bridge

Choose the Right Onboard Technology

Explore flexible, custom solutions for your fleet

Today, most trucks come equipped with onboard technology. You can activate it or add additional devices to enhance functionality. Our team’s deep experience and industry-leading perspective can help you choose the right transportation technology or get more value from what you already use.

Electronic Logging Device Mandate

The ELD mandate from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has been in place for a few years, and many businesses are using an ELD to comply with the mandate. It offers peace of mind to drivers and fleet managers through accurate record keeping that is automated, up-to-date and easily accessible. Learn more about ELD.

Find the Right Solution for You

In addition to compliance, onboard technology can offer many benefits. From driver behavior monitoring to fuel economy and vehicle monitoring, Penske offers flexible solutions to equip your vehicle with the right onboard technology solution based on your business needs. Our solutions can help you capture the critical performance data you need to make reliable, smart decisions. We’ll help you select the right solution to benefit you and your drivers all while saving you time, fuel and compliance hassles.

Gain Control

Our dedicated team can help you make the best use of technology to manage your fleet.