Technician servicing truck with Penske Mobile Maintenance truck in the background

Mobile Maintenance

Superior convenience delivered to your door with mobile services

If you want to increase vehicle uptime, save money on fuel and labor costs, reduce drive time, maintain cleaner emissions, and improve your business' efficiency and success, you need a fleet maintenance schedule that’s carefully planned yet highly adaptable. With the Penske Mobile Maintenance solution, excellent service with added flexibility is precisely what you’ll get. We bring the latest innovations and premium services directly to you, helping reduce unnecessary costs while saving valuable time.

A Shop on Wheels

Our mobile maintenance vehicle is a shop on wheels, outfitted with custom-designed tools and operated by a highly skilled and trained technician. We conduct preventive maintenance (PM) services, implement diagnostic solutions and perform repairs on-site at your location with the same quality you receive at any Penske shop.

At Penske, we deliver confidence, reliability, and convenience to your doorstep every time, no matter where you are, with our mobile maintenance services.

What is Mobile Maintenance?

Mobile maintenance focuses on preventive maintenance, scheduled repairs, and diagnostic services, performing a variety of tasks to keep your fleet moving.

  • Scheduled preventive maintenance: Preventive maintenance is essential, but we know you’re busy. That’s why we offer the advantage of scheduled service at your location, during a time that works best for you. This allows you to plan maintenance services during downtime when vehicles are not in use or docked for the night, enabling you to make better use of idle time, maximize driver hours of operation, cut fuel and labor costs, and keep your fleet moving. From oil changes to tire pressure checks and more, our qualified mobile maintenance technician performs all the services your truck needs to stay on the road.
  • Scheduled repairs: When Penske Mobile Maintenance arrives for a scheduled visit, our certified technician uses the latest tools and technology to get your vehicle back on the road as quickly and efficiently as possible. By diagnosing and fixing issues right at the point of repair, we cut out unneeded travel to save you time.
  • Managing breakdowns: With 24/7 Roadside Assistance, we’re there when you need us most. In the unlikely event of a breakdown, one call to our 24/7 Roadside Assistance team is all you need to get back on the road. When you call, one of our experienced, in-house Penske associates will ensure your driver and load are safe, identify the problem, and dispatch emergency roadside assistance. We maintain communication for complete visibility and if we can’t get a Penske associate to you quickly, we’ll hire a vendor to do it.
  • Intelligent maintenance: Technology continues to advance our ability to use data to deliver more customized maintenance programs. And through our mobile services, you’re able to experience technology-enabled maintenance with our fully equipped mobile maintenance trucks. This data-driven approach uses Dynamic PM®, Voice-Directed Technology, Guided Repair and Remote Diagnostics to provide maintenance that keeps your fleet on the road and your business moving forward.

For over 50 years, Penske has powered the most efficient fleets on the road by refining intelligent maintenance processes and technologies. A vehicle serviced and maintained by Penske can help lower your fuel costs, increase labor productivity, optimize vehicle uptime and lifecycle, and achieve environmental goals, while giving you more predictable operating costs.

With hundreds of service trucks in operation today and more on the way, Penske gives you the convenience to focus on your core business while our experts focus on maintaining your fleet with the right care, at the right time, delivered to your door.