Technician servicing truck

Dynamic PM Services

The future of preventive maintenance

Managing and maintaining a commercial fleet gets more complex as vehicle technology advances at an increasingly rapid rate. To stay ahead of this challenge, Penske Truck Leasing offers Dynamic PM – data-driven preventive maintenance services that improve compliance, quality and uptime. Dynamic PM services are an integral part of Penske's offerings at its expansive network of truck fleet maintenance facilities in North America.

What Makes Our Dynamic PM® Services Different

By carefully collecting and studying data on component failures and repairs on a wide variety of vehicles, Penske is able to identify specific areas and spot trends that may be routinely problematic. We can then address these areas and replace necessary parts before they fail. This leads to better quality maintenance – which means your fleet spends more time on the road.

Voice-Directed Preventive Maintenance Improves Overall Quality

Penske integrates voice technology into our preventive maintenance program, becoming the first organization in the transportation industry to do so.

Voice-directed technology enables Penske technicians to receive voice prompts via a headset that direct them through a detailed series of inspection steps. We customize each inspection routine based on the vehicle's age, condition, specifications and reliability trends.

A Better Maintenance Program for Today and Tomorrow

Penske's innovative maintenance services are better able to maintain the increasingly sophisticated vehicles on the market today, and the emerging technologies that will be part of the transportation industry in the future. Simply put, we provide the right preventive maintenance for the right truck at the right time. Contact us today to learn more about how the Dynamic PM services can help your business.