Diagnostics Technician at work

Proactive Diagnostics

Stay ahead of potential issues

We understand that every moment your fleet spends off the road impacts your bottom line. When your fleet is connected to Penske, we can be more proactive in our diagnostics and maintenance approach. That’s why we’ve integrated proactive diagnostic alerts into our comprehensive digital experience.

Reducing Downtime, Enhancing Efficiency

Leveraging cutting-edge technology and data analysis, we help you stay ahead of potential issues. In those times when a breakdown does occur, we may use vehicle telematics data along with our maintenance expertise to remotely diagnose the issue, so our roadside assistance experts are equipped with everything they need to get you back on the road faster.

How It Works

  • Data-Driven Breakdown Scenarios : Our dedicated maintenance team meticulously analyzes vehicle data to identify potential breakdown scenarios, allowing us to be proactive and schedule a repair before there’s a problem.
  • Proactive Diagnostic Alerts : Receive real-time alerts about potential issues before they impact your fleet. Stay informed and take action proactively.
  • Seamless Service Coordination : When an alert is triggered, we automatically issue a service request to your designated maintenance facility and then work with you to schedule the vehicle for service.
  • Expert Support : Benefit from a dedicated team of experts ready to address any questions about your fleet’s specific scenarios.

Your Benefits

  • Minimize Unplanned Downtime : By addressing potential issues before they escalate, you may avoid downtime and keep your fleet operational.
  • Enhanced Awareness : Stay in control with improved visibility into your vehicle’s health. Make informed decisions to optimize your fleet’s performance.

The Power of Intelligent Maintenance

Explore the full potential of our Telematics Integration and see how Remote Diagnostics and Intelligent Maintenance solutions bring real-time insights to your fingertips.

Gain Control

The Penske digital experience offers telematics integrations, apps and tools, and consulting and support services to increase your uptime.