Intelligent Maintenance

Intelligent Maintenance

Technology continues to advance our ability to use data to deliver more customized maintenance programs. This data driven approach, along with our unmatched perspective, provides maintenance to keep your fleet on the road, and your business moving forward. Now that’s intelligent maintenance.

Dynamic PM®

Dynamic PM is our unique data-driven preventive maintenance service that analyzes specifications and trends unique to your fleet,and it delivers the right preventive maintenance at the right time for your fleet and its application.

Voice-Directed Technology

When a Penske technician is completing a Dynamic PM, they use speech recognition technology to guide and record specific inspection steps. It’s 100 percent paperless and allows for increased visibility by maintenance supervisors. This means technicians can complete a PM specific to the vehicle with a focus on accuracy, safety and quality.

Guided Repair

We’ve built proprietary tools for our technicians that leverage years of maintenance data from across our entire fleet to make accurate repair recommendations. When a fault-code-driven diagnostic repair is needed, guided repair suggests the most probable repairs that will get your trucks back on the road.

Remote Diagnostics

This capability enables your vehicles to communicate to our 24/7 Roadside Assistance team. With remote diagnostics, our roadside assistance experts are equipped with the real-time information to allow for fast, accurate location identification and ability to triage potential issues based on live fault-code data.

Proactive Diagnostics

We’re analyzing huge amounts of data, including remote diagnostics, to understand when specific components may fail on each vehicle type. This allows us to be proactive and schedule a repair before there’s a problem. It’s like monitoring vehicle health with a crystal ball, and we’re continually fine-tuning our process.

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