The fuel service company that you work with may allow you to export your fuel data to an Excel spreadsheet that you can email to Penske Truck Leasing. Before doing so, you must submit an example of your Excel spreadsheet to ensure compatibility.

If the fuel service company that you work with does not allow you to export your fuel data to an Excel spreadsheet, use the Penske Excel template provided in the sidebar of this page. Enter your fuel data and then email the spreadsheet to Penske. Supporting documentation in accordance with IFTA Procedures Manual must accompany the Excel file.

(Note: Bulk tank disbursements or fuel detail supplied without supporting documentation will require filing under an account in the carrier's name.)

Submit an Excel Spreadsheet to Penske for Review

  • Attach an example of your existing Excel file to a new email
  • Include “Fuel Submission Review" in the subject line
  • Include your contact information, business name, and Penske customer number
  • Send your email to
  • We will review your file format and notify you of any necessary changes

Submit Fuel Records in Approved Excel Format to Penske

  • Upon approval of your Excel format, include the following information in the subject line of your email:
    • Penske Customer Account Name
    • Penske Customer Account Number
    • Month (or Month Range) and Year
    • "Fuel Detail"
    For example: Trucking Company, 123456, MM-MM/YYYY, Fuel Detail
  • Send your email to
  • You must submit fuel data by the eighth business day of each month