Onboard Computer

Penske allows customers to use onboard computers to submit distance records. We work with several Telematics Service Providers (TSPs) to transmit distance and location data to Penske via File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

You can also download your distance data to an approved Excel template for processing. These methods eliminate the need for paper Driver Trip Reports.

(Note: Distance detail supplied not in accordance with IFTA Procedures Manual will require filing under an account in the carrier’s name.)

Find Out if Your TSP is Compatible

Submit an Excel Format to Penske for Review (Non-compatible TSPs Only)

  • Attach an example of your existing Excel file to a new email
  • Include “Distance Submission Review” in the subject line
  • Include your contact information, business name, Penske customer number and your TSP name
  • Send your email to PenskeFuelTax@Penske.com
  • We will review your file format and notify you of any necessary changes

Submit Distance Reporting in Approved Excel Templates to Penske

  • Upon approval of your Excel format, include the following information in the subject line of your email:
    • Penske Customer Account Name
    • Penske Customer Account Number
    • Month (or Month Range) and Year
    • "Distance Detail"
    For example: Trucking Company, 123456, MM-MM/YYYY, Distance Detail
  • Send your email to PenskeFuelTax@Penske.com
  • You must submit distance data by the eighth business day of each month

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