Driver Trip Reports

Penske provides a Driver Trip Report (DTR) form that you can fill out and mail or email to Penske.

More Information

  • Legibly complete all fields on the DTR form
  • Add the Penske Unit Number to each receipt
  • Attach your fuel receipts to the DTR form
  • Submit your DTR with receipts on a weekly basis using one of the following methods:
    • USPS
      Penske Truck Leasing Co LP
      Dept R — Attn: DTR Dept, PO Box 981056
      El Paso TX 79998-1056
    • Overnight Mail
      Penske DTRs/Broker Logistics, LTD
      1000 Hawkins Blvd., Suite A
      El Paso TX 79915
    • Email
      (Attachments should not exceed 12 MB)

Commercial Rental Units: eDTR

While in a Penske commercial rental vehicle, the miles driven are automatically captured through the telematics device on the unit. To submit fuel purchased, either use the Penske Driver app or the Fuel Only Driver Trip Report.

Using the Penske Driver app allows you to upload and submit your fuel receipts to Penske without the need for paper.

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