Providing Insights

Providing Insights


Having timely access and visibility to important data helps shape important business decisions. At Penske, our goal has always been to help you effectively and efficiently manage your fleet. With Fleet Insight, you have the data and the tools to do just that – all from a single location.

Fleet Insight is a secure website for all your Penske fleet information. It is designed to streamline your fleet data and customize data and reports in ways that make sense for your business — ultimately leading to a greater visibility and smarter fleet decisions.

Personalize Your Data and Get More Out of It

Whether you want to manage your notifications, tailor your dashboard or create custom groups and reports, Fleet Insight gives you the flexibility to get the most from your data. Functionality includes unit grouping and search capabilities, configurable dashboards, notification management and the ability to oversee service requests and report scheduling. Fleet Insight is also mobile friendly, providing the same user experience on your tablet and mobile device as your desktop.

Fleet Insight – See the Road Ahead

Valuable Insight Today, Tomorrow and Into the Future

Fleet Insight provides a detailed look at your fleet’s overall efficiency, costs and scheduled maintenance. And while the amount of data available to manage your fleet will continue to increase, Fleet Insight’s versatility ensures you have the right information to make accurate and timely decisions that will help you get the most out of your fleet.

Gain Insight

Our digital tools give you real-time information that can help you make decisions and run your business more efficiently.