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Why Maintenance at Penske Is Different

Penske is known for having one of the most well-maintained fleets on the road.

No matter what size fleet you operate or its location, Penske offers a proven program of contract maintenance services that can help you: lower operating and fuel costs, increase labor productivity, optimize vehicle uptime and lifecycle, and achieve environmental goals. You can focus on your core business while we focus on maintaining your fleet.

Part of what makes Penske maintenance different is that we do not just fix what is broken; our preventive maintenance program stops problems before they ever start. In fact, we feel so strongly about the importance of preventive maintenance that we created Dynamic PM® services. Now, we tailor preventive maintenance to the individual attributes of a vehicle – its age, condition, specifications and reliability trends – ensuring that we provide the right care at the right time, maximizing the vehicle's life.

We use the latest technologies in our facilities and invest in continuous training so our technicians can maintain your fleet to exceptional standards. Penske also offers tools that provide you visibility to critical activities and metrics, so you always know what's going on with your vehicles.

Penske knows that every fleet is different, so we customize our maintenance plans to fit your needs. Penske experts work with you to identify the best maintenance strategy for your business. We offer:

With Penske's contract maintenance you also get:

  • Visibility – accurate, up-to-date information on fleet costs and performance
  • Flexibility – a needs-based, custom approach to maintaining your fleet
  • Cost Management – proven processes and sourcing that contain costs
  • Predictability – analysis that confirms exact maintenance needs
  • Assuredness – a complete maintenance and support system that maximizes uptime
  • Accountability – the ability to view exact costs and return on fleet operations

Maintenance at Penske Shops: A Nationwide Network

Penske has invested in a nationwide network of maintenance facilities with personnel and top-of-the-line equipment. You can trust us with your truck maintenance as you use your time, energy and money where it's better served.

Maintenance programs at Penske shops provide:

  • Skilled technicians, trained and experienced in servicing all types of equipment
  • The latest diagnostic technology and tools
  • Cost-effective tire and parts procurement programs
  • Government compliance support
  • Online access to fleet maintenance and performance metrics
  • Safety and performance training for drivers
  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • DPF Cleaning

The Penske Advantage

Make your pit stops at our shops and get the Penske Advantage:

  • More than 750 shops across the U.S., Mexico and Canada
  • Over 8,000 technicians and customer service representatives
  • An ASE-accredited Technician Certification Program
  • 24/7 roadside assistance with over 18,000 emergency providers
  • A front-row seat to fleet visibility with Fleet Insight™, our online suite of fleet management tools

No matter where you are, our standardized processes ensure consistent customer service at all locations. Every Penske shop has access to the complete maintenance history of your vehicle throughout its life.

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Maintenance at Your Location: Penske Maintains Your Fleet While You Manage Your Business

When maintaining a fleet begins to demand capitalization and management that you no longer want to undertake, it may be time to look at an alternative solution. Penske's maintenance services — on site at your location — can let you focus on your core business while we maintain your fleet. No matter what size fleet you operate, Penske has you covered.

Penske maintenance programs include:

  • Management expertise and maintenance systems
  • Staffing options to retain your valued technicians and managers
  • Skilled technicians trained and experienced in servicing all types of equipment
  • Training specific to your fleet operations
  • The latest diagnostic technology and tools

Learn more about Penske's On-Site Maintenance services

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Centralized Maintenance Management via Third-Party Service Providers

While Penske has invested in our own network of maintenance facilities, we realize that there are times when our technicians and facilities may not be the best option for your unique needs. These include:

  • Specialized equipment such as vehicles with cranes, conveyors and pumps; material handling; and construction equipment
  • Remote fleets of heavy- and medium-duty vehicles
  • Roaming, non-domiciled fleets, including trailer fleets
  • Light-duty vehicles including pickup trucks and vans

Fortunately, we have a solution: Penske Fleet Management. By leveraging our large, nationwide network of qualified third-party service providers, Penske can support your fleet maintenance needs on any piece of equipment, anywhere and at any time. Though we are not physically turning the wrench, you can depend on Penske's knowledge and experience to fully manage the repair process and care for your fleet as we do our own.

Learn more about Penske's managed fleet maintenance

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