Fleet Insight™

Fleet Insight™

Fleet Insight provides you with real-time data-driven insights to help you monitor every vehicle, move your fleet more efficiently, stay ahead of maintenance, customize reporting and make proactive decisions to keep your fleet and your business moving forward. You can:

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Real-Time Roadside Updates

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Billing and Invoicing 24/7

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Reporting and Data Trends

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Fleet Data

Fleet Insight On-The-Go

All registered Fleet Insight users can download the Fleet Insight app, which delivers critical, real-time fleet information to your Apple or Android device. Your Fleet Insight password carries over to the app, for a seamless experience. The app offers:


  • Notifications – get real-time updates on the status of roadside events and Penske units in for service
  • Billing – view maintenance billing and even ask a question, right from your phone
  • Locations – easily find nearby fuel, EV charging, service, rental, parking, and certified public scale locations. You can even view current fuel pricing from Penske and costs for third-party fueling locations across the United States

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Gain Insight

Our apps and tools provide real-time information to help you make decisions that keep your business moving forward.

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