Penske Service App Information for Techs and Third-Party Providers

Penske Service App Information for Techs and Third-Party Providers


Penske Service App Quick Start Guide
Penske Service App Quick Start Guide (Third-Party Provider Version)
Penske Service App User Manual

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How do I download the Penske Service App?

Penske Service App
Search for "Penske Service" in the Apple App Store on your iOS/Apple device or in Google Play on your Android device.
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If you need assistance, please call the Penske IT Service Desk at 800-550-7947 or contact Penske 24/7 at 800-526-0798.

Service App FAQ

What is the Penske Service App?
The Penske Service app is designed for use by service providers during a roadside assistance event. Technicians input real-time status updates for 24/7 road calls directly through the app. This information provides better communication and visibility between service providers and drivers requiring assistance.

What features does the app have?

  • Road call report details – receive access to vehicle issues, breakdown location, unit details, plus service history and contact information for a repair order
  • Road call listing – all active road calls displayed in one place for ease of reference and updating
  • Status updates – multiple status options with ETA are available to choose from and status changes that are entered will automatically update Penske systems
  • Real-time visibility – keeps drivers informed by providing visibility on status updates with GPS tracking
  • Push Notifications – sent when a road call location has changed, or service has been cancelled

Which mobile operating systems does the Penske Service App support?
iOS 13 and above. Android 8 and above.

How do I log in if I'm a Penske Technician?
Use your SSO login ID and password.

How do I log in if I'm a 3rd Party Provider?
You can access the app using the link sent via text message from Penske's 24/7 Roadside Assistance team.

Who does this app share my information with and what information is shared?
It shares your status and progress updates with our 24/7 Roadside Assistance Team. GPS coordinates, status and progress are shared with the Penske Driver™ App as well.

How do I set up Face or Touch ID sign on?
The app will prompt you to allow this feature, or you can manually activate it in your profile.

What should I do if I lose my mobile device?
Notify your manager and reset your SSO password at Next, contact the IT Service Desk at 800-550-7947. It is recommended that you establish a pin and passcodes on your mobile devices for added security.

Who should I contact if I need app support?
IT Service Desk at 800-550-7947 or contact 24/7 at 800-526-0798.

What is a glossary of terms used in the app?

  • Road Call: The breakdown (can have multiple ETAs)
  • ETA: Estimated time of arrival. Penske Service Provider ETA creates a Service Request
  • Service Request: The initial service request before being converted into a repair order in Penske systems
  • Repair Order: The converted service request. A summary of work needed to fix the vehicle
  • Third Party Provider: Any non-Penske Provider, access granted through a link that is sent via text message

How do I use the Penske Service App?
See User Manual for usage and functionality.