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Put Your Telematics Data to Work

Penske is committed to helping you make the best use of your telematics investment. We believe it’s your choice to select the telematics system that works best for your fleet, your business, and your budget.

We work with a variety of telematics service providers to help you get more value from your telematics data. Penske uses the data to keep vehicles healthy and improve functionality. Complete the information below to start your enrollment process.

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Enrollment benefits include:

  • Optimize your maintenance schedule: Unit odometer readings and analysis of trends unique to your fleet are used to inform your preventive maintenance schedule to deliver it at the right time for your vehicle.
  • Automate monthly mileage submissions: Eliminate the administrative burden of sending in odometer readings each month, and have it done automatically (variable billing customers).
  • Compare your fleet to similar fleets: Catalyst AI™ is Penske’s AI platform that enables customers to compare their fleet to similar fleets to make specific comparisons and gain detailed insights for fleet improvements. Penske customers can log into their Fleet Insight account to access Comparative Insights, a feature powered by Catalyst AI. It uses customer’s real fleet data and when you enroll in our telematics integration it enriches the comparison by providing additional vehicle data.
  • Simplify fuel tax reporting: Our International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) integration makes complying with IFTA easier by automatically transmitting the necessary data from your telematics device to Penske.
  • Streamline repairs found during inspections: Our eDVIR (electronic driver vehicle inspection report) integration streamlines the request for repairs, based on defects found during inspections.
  • Expedite roadside assistance: With remote diagnostics, your telematics data equips the Penske 24/7 Roadside Assistance team with the real-time data they need to immediately diagnose issues. Additionally, for diesel vehicles, you will receive email alerts about potential issues before they become a problem.

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