Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

What telematics service providers currently work with Penske?
We work with a variety of telematics service providers. For a complete list, contact us at or 844-426-4555.

How does Penske integrate with my telematics service provider?
We work with multiple providers to give our customers the ability to share their vehicle telematics data with Penske. By doing so, data can be used to help maximize uptime and automate processes. Common benefits include expediting roadside assistance, addressing potential issues to help prevent unplanned downtime and enhancing preventive maintenance schedules.

What do I need to get started?
Simply complete the enrollment form after verifying that you have a compatible telematics service provider.

How long does it take to set up this service?
For most customers, from the time Penske receives the telematics system credentials, it generally takes two to three days to process your enrollment.

Is there a specific data package that I need with my telematics provider to use this service?
The data packages vary by provider. Contact us at or 844-426-4555, and we can work with you to ensure you have the appropriate package to get full value from our platform.

What if I have more than one telematics service provider?
This is common. We work with multiple telematics service providers.

Does Penske recommend any onboard technology systems?
We work with many providers that vary in capabilities, features, and pricing. We can help you with viable options available to meet your business and fleet needs.

How does Penske work with telematics service providers?
Penske has a proprietary system and can work with many telematics service providers.

How do I get onboard technology installed?
It varies based on the selected telematics service provider and whether your vehicle is on order or in hand. Options include TSP, OEM, OEM-Mod Center, Penske Shop, third-party installer, or you can install it yourself.

Security and Privacy

How is my telematics information used within Penske?
Your telematics data is used for remote diagnostics, which allows Penske’s 24/7 Roadside Assistance team to know the vehicle’s issue(s) and location. This enables us to remotely diagnose and expedite service in the event of a breakdown. As a part of remote diagnostics, you will receive proactive diagnostic alerts when issues that could lead to a breakdown are detected. It allows service to be scheduled for the vehicle, often before it results in unplanned downtime. The data also helps to create an optimal preventive maintenance schedule.

Telematics data can also be used to help automate and provide accurate fuel tax reporting as well as help you streamline the request for repair of defects found during driver vehicle inspections.

How does Penske receive data from my telematics service provider?
Penske works with several telematics service providers to access data using their available, secure methods such as APIs.

How is my data stored and secured?
Your data is secured using a best of breed, cloud-secure solution by our team of experts to help you manage your fleet of trucks accordingly.

What data does Penske access?
Penske analyzes unit, telemetry, and fault information. We do not analyze hours of service, customer, or other data.

How do I stop sharing data?
Contact us at or 844-426-4555 if you would like to stop sharing data with Penske.

Benefits and Value

Why should I share my data with Penske?
By sharing your data with Penske, you allow us to provide remote diagnostics, monitor fault codes, and find vehicle locations on your behalf. All with the goal of keeping your vehicles on the road.

Is the odometer reading used for billing?
You may be eligible for the electronic collection of your vehicle’s odometer reading to eliminate the burden of sending in odometer readings each month. Contact us at or 844-426-4555 to learn more.

How is your service different from what I am already getting from my telematics service provider?
Consider Penske as a complement to your telematics service provider. We extend the use of this real-time data to better maintain your vehicle and keep your vehicles on the road, all while reducing manual processes and helping you stay compliant.

How will I be able to see the data shared with Penske?
If you want a view to the actual telematics data, you will need to log in to your telematics service provider’s portal.

Penske uses the fault data help to enrich what we know about the vehicle. For example, when the technician plugs into the truck or when our 24/7 Roadside Assistance team is assisting with a roadside event, they will see the fault codes and be able to use the information to help ensure repairs are done timely and accurately to resolve the issue.

Are all my units able to receive this service?
This service only applies to power units equipped with appropriate telematics devices. Also, these devices and units must be subscribed to applicable data packages through select telematics providers. There may be limitations based on individual OEMs, devices, and telematics service providers.