Advancing Fleet Fuel Efficiency

Strategies for optimizing your fleet and enhancing miles per gallon

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The U.S. trucking industry is critical to the economy, moving over 72% of the nation's freight by weight. And with fleet operating costs per mile trending upward, it's no surprise that fuel expenses stand out as a primary contributor.

When even pennies per gallon add up, the cost savings from increasing fuel economy and minimizing fuel consumption become significant. In addition, exploring benchmarks, reference points, and actionable strategies can help fleets identify best practices and enhance fuel efficiency.

In this new whitepaper we highlight:

  • The current state of fuel efficiency in the trucking industry
  • Factors affecting the efficiency of fuel
  • Best practices for improving fuel economy
  • The role of alternative fuels
  • Industry-specific MPG concerns
  • Tips for successfully implementing fuel efficiency strategies

Minor improvements in fuel economy can result in significant cost savings, extended equipment life, improved safety, and increased sustainability as federal and state regulations tighten.

Download the whitepaper, Advancing Fleet Fuel Efficiency: Enhancing Miles Per Gallon, and learn how Penske’s Fleet Benchmarking tool allows fleet managers to measure key performance indicators and compare their fleet to fleets with similar operations and equipment to identify areas for improving fuel economy.