The State of Sustainable Fleets 2024

Examining the shift toward sustainability

The State of Sustainable Fleets 2024

The State of Sustainable Fleets 2024 Market Brief highlights the challenges fleet operators face amid new emissions regulations and evolving technologies. Currently, fleets are grappling with regulatory uncertainty and managing new and complex technology, with an increasing focus on sustainability.

The fifth annual report also reveals that fleets are leveraging expanded supplies of renewable fuels to address current challenges while laying the groundwork for future sustainable fleet expansion. Despite facing hurdles such as charging infrastructure gaps and high costs, fleets are making strides in adopting zero-emission technologies.

Key findings from the brief include:

  • Increasing adoption of renewable fuels like biodiesel and renewable diesel
  • Growth in the production and consumption of renewable natural gas
  • Development of lighter and stronger natural gas engines, opening opportunities for fleet expansion
  • Surge in adoption of battery electric vehicles across commercial vehicle fleets
  • Investments in charging infrastructure and hydrogen fuel production hubs