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Penske Truck Leasing Technicians Have Performed 3.7 Million Voice-Directed Dynamic PMs

Technology plays an important role in keeping trucks on the road to deliver food, and vital medical and household supplies, during this stay-at-home time of COVID-19. A key part of ensuring that Penske box trucks and tractor-trailers operate optimally is the preventive maintenance inspection.

Simply known as a PM in the world of transportation, these regularly scheduled inspections are a top-to-bottom review of the truck to certify it is in tiptop condition.

To date, Penske maintenance technicians have performed 3.7 million voice-directed Dynamic PMs since introducing this technological wonder in 2017.

The pioneering approach improves inspection and repair accuracy and consistency, while also eliminating paperwork, and ensuring full documentation and compliance with regulations.

The system provides voice prompts via a headset to direct technicians through a PM. It is the foundation of Penske's proprietary Dynamic PM process, providing the ability to tailor inspections to the specific vehicle, its age, specifications and technologies now and in the future with the goals of maximizing uptime and ensuring a safe and compliant vehicle.

Penske's voice-directed process provides its technicians everything they need at the point of repair – reducing wasted time, motion and manual keying. It taps a robust, high-speed indoor and outdoor gigabit Wi-Fi network and uses rugged mobile tablet devices for its technicians and industry-leading diagnostic tools.

"This voice-directed technology system continues to play a vital role in our Dynamic PM process, which is an industry first," said Gregg Mangione, Penske's senior vice president of maintenance.

"In the current COVID-19 business environment, the digitalization of maintenance processes makes for a more seamless and touchless transaction for our customers, their drivers, and our own associates. All the information our customers need, and our technicians need, is electronically captured, shared and accessible through Penske's integrated websites, mobile apps and other connected devices.

"And, we've also updated our maintenance scheduling, drop off and pick up processes for customers to further support these social-distancing efforts at this time."

By "Move Ahead" Staff