Remote Diagnostics Improves 24 Hour Roadside Assistance Service

To better serve you, our 24/7 Roadside Assistance can be enhanced with remote diagnostics. With remote diagnostics, your telematics data equips the Penske 24/7 Roadside Assistance team with the real-time data to immediately diagnose the issue on the vehicles you lease from us.

Our roadside assistance experts are equipped with everything they need to protect your vehicles, drivers and cargo.

Our Unique Approach

Penske's deep experience and industry-leading perspective can help you choose the right transportation technology or get more value from the tools you already use.

We work with multiple telematics service providers to help you get more value from your telematics data. Penske uses the data to keep vehicles healthy and streamline functions. This information can expedite roadside assistance, enhance preventive maintenance schedules, provide accurate data for fuel tax reporting and streamline the request for repair of defects found during driver vehicle inspections.

Enhancing Service - Data Platform

Penske's 24/7 roadside assistance is available to full-service leasing and contract maintenance customers any time, day or night.

Our experts are equipped with everything they need to protect your vehicles, drivers, and cargo. We handle breakdowns, flat tires, towing, accident remediation, emergency permitting and more. Take a look and see how Penske can help you.

Qualified Call Center Specialists

Penske works with the most qualified vendors to handle every need our customers have when they're unable to stay on the road and on schedule, from load transfer to towing to repair.

And we'll keep you and your driver informed throughout the process. Some of the ways call center specialists help our customers include:

  • Ensuring the driver and product are safe
  • Identifying the problem and dispatching emergency roadside assistance
  • Communicating with you and your driver and providing online visibility of road call status
  • Providing a comparable substitute delivery vehicle if needed
  • Putting drivers back on the road, typically within two hours

Roadside Assistance Tracking with Fleet Insight™

Penske operators begin logging roadside assists as soon as they get that first call. Their detailed reports keep you informed of the changing status. With Fleet Insight, our online suite of fleet management tools, you can:

  • See ongoing call updates
  • Track breakdown and repair details
  • See detailed charges for easy verification
  • Identify and address recurring issues
  • Predict downtime more accurately