FMCSA. CSA. DOT. IRS. NHTSA. Federal, state and local regulations. They all need attention, and just keeping up is a full-time job.

Drivers and fleet owners must be assessed under the FMCSA Compliance, Safety and Accountability (CSA) program. Owners have to ensure their vehicle assessments are performed and reported correctly when required. Large fleet or small, this is time consuming, and you’ll run into major risks if you miss something.

Penske can help you stay on top of all federal, state and local regulations. We simplify compliance and provide expert assistance with:

  • Online guides, including safety and compliance information via Fleet Insight™
  • Regulatory compliance training
  • Federal, state and local tax management
  • Licensing, registration and permitting
  • Risk mitigation and administration
  • Mock audits and audit support

Preventive Maintenance and Compliance

Penske takes care of the maintenance portion of the CSA assessment every time one of your trucks comes in for its regularly scheduled preventive maintenance. We also handle all the reporting and submissions, meaning less paperwork and hassle for you and your drivers.

Simplify With Fleet Insight

Fleet Insight, our online suite of fleet management tools, is the one stop for simplifying your safety and compliance efforts. It contains:

  • Federal, state and local motor carrier safety regulations
  • Downloadable handbooks, manuals, forms and documents
  • Guides to safety and compliance documentation
  • Instructional webinars for management and drivers
  • Simulated DOT educational compliance reviews
  • FMCSA registration links