driver safety training

Fleets are using technology to improve truck driver safety and shape driver habits. Onboard safety technology improves safety and can increase efficiency, reduce liability and cut costs — but fleets need to gain driver acceptance of any new solutions.

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Driver Education

Drivers are the number-one concern among fleet managers, from retention to managing for regulatory issues. You want your drivers to be cared for and you want to engage them on a professional level, but it’s a lot of work to organize instructor-led training and keep up with business as usual. Signing on with Penske Truck Leasing can help put processes in place to increase your drivers’ productivity, satisfaction and retention rate.

Education Improves Safety and Productivity

Penske knows how to train the best drivers, easing your burdens by improving safety, reducing gas consumption, and increasing employee satisfaction. We offer driver training, with classes at your headquarters, at Penske Truck Leasing locations and online.

Partner Discounts

Owners can also take advantage of our partnerships with some of the industry’s leaders in safety and compliance with discounts on:

  • The Smith Systems Driver Improvement Institute, the nation’s first professional driver safety training company
  • J. J. Keller driver and vehicle managed services to take the tough regulatory work off your hands

Appeal to Your Favorite Drivers

Increase the appeal of driving for you and retain good drivers with:

  • Clean, new and comfortable facilities with Wi-Fi access
  • Local driver safety meetings covering the latest practices, HOS compliance, and more
  • Standardized processes to streamline on-road activities
  • Safety and compliance training from an experienced team of specialists, online and in person
  • High-quality, custom-spec vehicles

Manage Drivers with the Ease and Convenience of Fleet Insight™

Fleet Insight™, our online suite of fleet management tools, was created with customers’ concerns in mind, so we included a number of driver management tools and education programs. With a full-service lease, you and your drivers will get online access to:

  • Individualized Smith Systems driver training programs
  • Bulletins for timely updates and reminders
  • Early notification of expiring driver documents
  • Hours of service, safety and substance abuse programs